new favorites

21 02 2009

i haven’t posted in over a year, so you might expect this entry to be a work of eipc proportions.  well, sorry to disappoint you – but no brilliant insights, intrigue, analyses or epiphanies this time.  just a handful of my new favorite music, courtesy of youtube.  hope you enjoy these as much as i do…

jason mraz, live…”i’m yours”


laura izibog, live…”mmm” – this woman’s got soul, and great pipes


brian mcknight has one of the smoothest, most dynamic voices i’ve ever heard.  and his range is pretty impressive, too.  this cover of hall & oates’ “sara smile” is quite impressive.


ingrid michaelson is my new favorite artist.  her lyrics are elegant and insightful; her arrangements are simple without being boring; and her performances seem effortless.  she’s probably best known for “the way i am,” but i wanted to share with y’all this treat … “breakable” – recorded live at borders, with special guest allie moss (who’s a great singer in her own right).


if you haven’t heard of marc broussard, it’s time to check him out.  he exudes a passion and soul in a bluesy style we just don’t see much these days.  here’s a live performance of “what you won’t do for love” – live, from amsterdam, with his father, ted.


this next video is “many the miles” by sara bareilles, live in concert, backed up by marc broussard and his band.  sadly, this video cuts off before the end of the song, but it’ll just leave you wanting more.  enjoy…


now we’ll bring it down a bit with ray lamontagne and a live rendition of “be here now” from ray’s 2006 album “till the sun turns black.”  check more of this guy’s stuff out.  his first two albums are wicked good.


hope you enjoyed this little taste of what’s on my playlist these days.  thanks for stopping by.




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