21 12 2007

there were three unique things my dad and i bonded over as a kid – bugs bunny, kasha and flash gordon. for those of you who haven’t seen flash gordon, i implore you, please. see it as soon as you can. it’s a classic. and the music is amazing. performed by one of the best bands of all time – queen.

if you don’t know the music of queen, you’re in for a treat. their lead singer, freddie mercury, has one of the most pure voices ever heard – on par with roy orbison.  consider buying Queen’s Greatest Hits. it will quickly become one of your favorite albums, and you’ll never remember what your life was like without it.

anyway, a bit about the band…

queen (brian may – guitar, freddie mercury – lead vocals, roger taylor – drums, and john deacon – bass) got their start in 1969 and quickly became one of britain’s top bands of the ’70’s. in 1974, they achieved international fame with the release of “sheer heart attack,” and since then, have sold over 30 million records.

even if you’ve never heard a song by queen (and if that’s the case, shame on you), you’ve heard their influence. remember vanilla ice? you know that song, “ice ice, baby?” well, that song is built atop the chord progression and rhythm of a song queen wrote with david bowie called, “under pressure.” oh yeah, and then there’s the headbanger scene in “wayne’s world” where wayne, garth and friends rock out to queen’s “bohemian rhapsody.”

there are two things people tend to remember most about queen in addition to their music. first, queen was a band made up of four homosexual men (which, during their rise to fame in the mid-70’s and early 80’s was quite a cross to bear). and second, their lead singer, freddie mercury. freddie was one of the first public personalities to die from AIDS, and his death brought an important awareness of the disease to the british and american public.

but what’s most important to remember is that freddie, brian, roger and john – four openly gay men – changed the world. their music touched everyone, transcending pre-conceived notions and making the world realize that sexual orientation didn’t matter. anyone could inspire a generation with their art, passion and music. and they could be proud of who they were in the process.

freddie was one of those rare souls who was both macho and compassionate. he was a famous, well-liked musician, and after becoming sick, he even shared his angst with the world through songs like “who wants to live forever.”

so please, explore the music of queen. freddie’s was one of the best voices we’ll ever hear. and working with a band as talented as queen, he created an experience the world will enjoy forever. here are a few of queen’s best. happy listening…




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13 02 2008

Queen is and always will be known as one of the greatest bands of all times. They had a few forgattable albums but most of their catalog is as good as it gets with the final album being by far their best.

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