video diary

26 11 2007

as you’ve probably noticed, i include a video clip with each post. the thing each of these clips has in common — it’s from a live performance. and that’s not a coincidence. it’s actually representative of the music i like the most — clean, simple, honest, pure and a true reflection of the artist. yes, i know, some recording artists really are overproduced personalities, but this blog isn’t a place to rant about the declining quality of popular music. 🙂

anyway…this week, i’ve picked some of my favorite live recordings to share with you, courtesy of youtube. i hope you enjoy them as much as i do. write a comment to let me know which artists you’d like to learn more about, and i’ll cover them in a future post.

this first clip is from fleetwood mac’s reunion concert. it features lindsey buckingham on the guitar doing his song, “big love.”

if you’ve seen the movie “once,” you’ll recognize the musicians in this next clip, which features glen hansard and marketa irglova performing the van morrisson classic, “into the mystic.”

a few months ago, we explored the works of singer/songwriter martin sexton. here’s a recording of martin doing jimmy hendrix’ “hey joe.”

joined by paula cole, here’s peter gabriel doing an old favorite – “in your eyes.”

coldplay is perhaps the best band to come out of britain in the past 30 years. here’s a live recording of “fix you” from their album, “x&y.” enjoy…

a genuine troubadour, neil young has written some of the most memorable songs of our time – tunes like “harvest moon,” “rockin’ in the free world,” and “hey hey, my my” just to name a few. here’s an early recording of neil doing another gem, “old man.”

like neil young, james taylor is another brilliant singer/songwriter. here’s james doing a cool, mellow version of the classic beatles tune, “help from my friends.”

this next performer is my favorite, hands down. after watching this next clip, perhaps you’ll feel the same…

raise your hand if you’ve heard of pete huttlinger. your hand still down? up until a few months ago, mine would’ve been, too. but then i came across this sick, solo rendition of “superstition” that pete plays on the guitar.

happy listening…




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