paolo nutini

21 11 2007

paolo nutini is an italian scotsman whose inspired lyrics, catchy music and passionate performances are winning him fans worldwide and paving the way for a remarkable — and very durable — musical career.

as a kid, paolo always assumed he’d join the family business and sell fish ‘n chips in paisely, scotland, when he finished school. but while he was growing up, paolo’s grandfather — a big music lover in his own right — introduced him to a wide variety of music, ranging from scottish folk songs to r&b. exploring on his own, paolo found he really connected with the stylings of the troubadours, like van morrison and john martyn.

at 16, paolo tagged along with a friend’s band, selling t-shirts and occasionally sitting in, and by the end of the tour, paolo had found his calling. he dropped out of school, traveled the 400 miles southeast to london, and started gigging around town.

within two years, atlantic records signed paolo and brought him up to liverpool to record his first album with producer ken nelson — who, incidentally, produces records for such stellar acts as coldplay and ray la montagne. in liverpool, paolo created “these streets,” an autobiography that traces his experiences moving from paisley, and beginning a new life in london.

there are too many great tracks on this album to pick a favorite, but to give you an idea of what you’re going to get when you pick up this album, check out a few of paolo’s live recordings on his web site. and unless you’ve been living on mars for the past year, you’ve heard at least a couple of his top 5 singles – “last request” and “these streets.” make sure to check out “jenny don’t be hasty” too. it’s a pretty funny tune about paolo’s experience with a 23-year-old girl he met when he first moved to london. long story short, he told her he was 23, and after a few weeks of “hanging out,” he finally fessed up that he was only 18. she slapped him and said goodbye. man, what a mistake that was. every woman i know is crazy about this kid, and i’m sure jenny’s new squeeze doesn’t have paolo’s earning potential. 🙂 here’s a video of “jenny don’t be hasty” recorded at bush studios in west london.

oh, and when you listen to this kid’s stuff, keep in mind that he recorded his album at 18, and now, he’s only 20 years old. yeah, that’s right. 20. kinda sick, don’t ya think?






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