keri noble

17 06 2007

keri noble is a singer/songwriter from minneapolis, via chicago and detroit. the pianist daughter of an inner-city pastor, keri’s style is a bit sarah mclachlan and a bit sheryl crow. poetic lyrics infused with blues and gospel are what make her music emotional, inspiring and unique. check out two of her best tunes (free!) at (direct links: born again & oooh oh)

keri’s debut album, fearless, starts strong with three good tracks, but overall, only gets a B from this critic. the record is definitely a commercial release. “look at me” is a great love song. just keri and her piano, it shows off her vocal range and songwriting talent. the second single, “talk to me,” is a catchy pop tune you’ll find yourself tapping your toe to from the first verse. “piece of my heart” is equally enjoyable,¬†introducing a melancholy cello that complements the piano beautifully.

the rest of the album is much of the same, but not quite as good. if you’re an audiophile, it’s worth getting the cd for the first track alone. (pick it up at if not, i’d just grab the first three tracks off of iTunes.

if keri sticks to her roots, and brings us more of the raw, gospel and blues that lace her best efforts, she’s going to be a superstar.




3 responses

19 06 2007

i liked her sound and the emotion in her voice, especially oooh-oh. interesting video.

10 09 2007

Keri’s a great musician – but the other tracks she has up on her MySpace account ( are just as good as “Born Again”. Unfortunately, they’re not free downloads, but worth a listen.

4 10 2007

her sultry voice is beautiful and yes “look at me” is a fantastic love song.

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