eva cassidy

22 05 2007

eva cassidy was an american singer/songwriter and celebrated artist. she sang with a sublime sensitivity and an effortless power that pierced the heart. ms. cassidy is best known for her unique way of interperting and arranging other people’s music. “over the rainbow,” “imagine,” “time after time,” “fields of gold,” “yesterday”, “songbird,” “ain’t no sunshine,” “true colors…” the list goes on. have a listen.

the daughter of a part-time musician and teacher of learning disabled children, eva came by her talent and compassion honestly. she began performing at age 9 and shared her musical talent with the world until her death at the young age of 33. after years performing in bands of little renown, eva connected with chuck brown. together they would create some of eva’s best work, including a performance at washington dc’s “blues alley.” nearly all of eva’s records were released posthumously, and each is a master class in modern folk, soul, r&b or vocal jazz. if you only buy one more album this year, consider making that one “live at blues alley.” this recording highlights cassidy’s unique style, creative interpretations and pristine vocals on songs you know and love. i hope you enjoy these tunes as much as i do.

shortly after this 1996 performance, eva was diagnosed with advanced melanoma and given only 3 to 5 months to live. during her treatment, friends and fans brought a steady stream of fruit and flowers. because of the rigor of her treatment, eva often was unable to enjoy these gifts. rather than let more go to waste, she gave paper and crayons to her visitors so they could express their feelings to her through art. eva had every picture hung on the wall at the foot of her bed.

in september, 1996, a tribute concert was held for eva. near the end of the show, she came out on stage with her long time friend and collaborator, chuck brown. together they performed, “red top,” a tune by ken kynard and lionel hampton. brown did most of the singing; eva joined in when she could and afterwards, shocked the audience with an inspiring, solo performance of louis armstrong’s “what a wonderul world.” it would be her last.

in november, eva passed away. over 400 people came to pay their respects at her funeral.

eva cassidy left behind a legacy of warmth, compassion, inspiration and love. listen to her music, and you’ll share in her beautiful experience.




One response

28 05 2007

she’s my favorite to date – guitar, arrangement, voice. thanks for sharing.

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